Month: May 2020

May 29, 2020

Death is the most inevitable thing that is sure to occur at the predestined moment. Death is the only thing in the earth that is to occur to every living planet. No matter how big or how small you are there is not such way one can escape from this truth. Ever crossed your mind why death is such a mystery? If we had the slightest idea or any hunch related to when we may exile our last breath we will start to live our lives in fear shredded with despair.There is a reason why this truth is given the tag of being the greatest mystery in the world. We make hopes, we create dreams in our lives and devote ourselves in achieving those through various tasks. Little that we know we are not advancing to our goals rather than we are just forwarding to death itself. Even death is imitable we try out best to live our lives, keeping of foot over the doorstep of death.The death of our relatives or our close ones sometime haunt us but till which moment? After some time we just forget about the ones that died, forget about our yet to be occurred death and we start a fresh leaf in our daily lives. If we aren’t able to forget about this truth then we are bond to live in a lope hole covered by death. Knowingly or unknowingly our mind becomes fragile the moment we think about this reality and shiver with fear making us as cold as ice. This is the power of death.

May 9, 2020

What do we normally do after eating snacks or drinking?

We have a common perception of leaving the packet on the table or on the ground. It doesn’t take much effort to put it in the dustbin. Still we just leave it there as it is. We hardly even think about the consequences that may occur due to such a behaviour of ours. It is just not the ones who are leaving their garbage behind but also the ones who are ignoring it. Very often we look at tables and think to ourselves, “Who has left behind these on the table?” and then we just totally ignore it like nothing happened at all.

After some moment we act like there is nothing left on the table or the ground and we laugh, we eat and lots of things but none of us thinks of taking it to the dustbin and put it where it should have been. People are talking about the various issues such as global warming, green-house effect and big staffs. But in the line we are forgetting about the small and little things like keeping our surroundings neat and clean.

This kind of scenario is common in almost everywhere. The schools, the colleges and even the university area are not free from such kind of acts. If we don’t be cautious about these then there is no effect on talking about the big shots. Because if are immune to the small things then how are we going to change the world itself?