“Congratulations! You have done a wonderful job.” – When do we say it? When someone does something good or achieves something we congratulate them for their effort and their success. The most common situation is this, the person who is congratulating the other person both of them have a happy and smiling face. Is the smile a fake one or a real one we can’t differentiate, can we? To be honest, do we even try to think about it whether the persons are really happy or they are just putting a fake smile upon their face to fool the world and tell them, “Yeah, we are happy” But, who are they actually trying to fool? The world or they are just fooling themselves? Let’s put this part aside for the time being and come to the starting point of the article.
Shall we start again? “Congratulations! You have done a wonderful job?”
Every human being wants to achieve their personal goals. The goals need not to be all the same but certainly, these can be categorized into some criteria. Some have the goal to be successful, some have the goals to be rich, some of us want to be famous and there are many more branches that we want to reach out in our short span of life. Nonetheless, we put a tremendous effect on our belief and make the best use of the opportunities that are given to us. Once we have done so, we get a very common word from others, “Congratulations for your brilliant success” and the thing that we should be happy with this for the rest of our life. But, have we ever looked into the eyes of that particular person if he is happy or not? Have we ever tried to figure out what he has gone through all this time? The answer is NO, we haven’t. We just blindfold ourselves in this matter and simply concentrate on the fact relating to the other person. The person who is congratulating the other one, is he really happy by hearing the news? To maintain the most common social culture and out of our courtesy, we congratulate other keeping that fake smile upon our faces. Of course, most of the people don’t fall into this category but the majority of us have done it in our lives, haven’t we?
Why do we use this fake smile as a mask? The answer may be shocking once heard. There lies a common phenomenon in mankind and that is to be in good terms with the successful ones even when the person is not liked at all. This is done due to our selfish acts to attain our goals through
others in every possible way. And to attain this objective we fool ourselves with the fake smile and simply we say, “Congratulations! You have done a wonderful job.”

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