May 29, 2020

Death is the most inevitable thing that is sure to occur at the predestined moment. Death is the only thing in the earth that is to occur to every living planet. No matter how big or how small you are there is not such way one can escape from this truth. Ever crossed your mind why death is such a mystery? If we had the slightest idea or any hunch related to when we may exile our last breath we will start to live our lives in fear shredded with despair.There is a reason why this truth is given the tag of being the greatest mystery in the world. We make hopes, we create dreams in our lives and devote ourselves in achieving those through various tasks. Little that we know we are not advancing to our goals rather than we are just forwarding to death itself. Even death is imitable we try out best to live our lives, keeping of foot over the doorstep of death.The death of our relatives or our close ones sometime haunt us but till which moment? After some time we just forget about the ones that died, forget about our yet to be occurred death and we start a fresh leaf in our daily lives. If we aren’t able to forget about this truth then we are bond to live in a lope hole covered by death. Knowingly or unknowingly our mind becomes fragile the moment we think about this reality and shiver with fear making us as cold as ice. This is the power of death.

May 9, 2020

What do we normally do after eating snacks or drinking?

We have a common perception of leaving the packet on the table or on the ground. It doesn’t take much effort to put it in the dustbin. Still we just leave it there as it is. We hardly even think about the consequences that may occur due to such a behaviour of ours. It is just not the ones who are leaving their garbage behind but also the ones who are ignoring it. Very often we look at tables and think to ourselves, “Who has left behind these on the table?” and then we just totally ignore it like nothing happened at all.

After some moment we act like there is nothing left on the table or the ground and we laugh, we eat and lots of things but none of us thinks of taking it to the dustbin and put it where it should have been. People are talking about the various issues such as global warming, green-house effect and big staffs. But in the line we are forgetting about the small and little things like keeping our surroundings neat and clean.

This kind of scenario is common in almost everywhere. The schools, the colleges and even the university area are not free from such kind of acts. If we don’t be cautious about these then there is no effect on talking about the big shots. Because if are immune to the small things then how are we going to change the world itself?

Thoughts of Walls
April 29, 2020

People change, their behaviour changes as well. Every now and then they have the common perception to change into something new, something more elaborated, different from the last one. We can easily do this as we have the opportunity to just leave our past deeds and move on.

How about the walls or the buildings?

Can they move on? No, they are built to stand there and be a part of several histories over the life span of the building. They bear the sorrows, witness the happiness and many more things that are closely related to the humans that have spent their lives in those particular buildings.

Sometime even the buildings get the privilege to be decorated and get a fresh start. Some get it done only to the half portion and waits to be completed the rest of the works. While some stand just like a skeleton and think that maybe someday, someday it will get to change its life as well. Saddest part is that, the day never comes to this particular skeleton and it never gets the smell of fresh paint on it either.

During this time, the building gets its own residents who enjoy and make their dreams in the building, making it a dream home but the building itself hardly realises it. All its focus goes on the different colours that are coated on the outer part of its neighbour.

We, humans are just like this in a sense. We always distract ourselves with the success of others and don’t even think about what we have in our life. We ignore the little parts, the small happiness for the bigger picture on daily basis. It’s not wrong to think of others but it’s wrong to ignore ourselves and make others out motive.

Walls and buildings may be different in colours, some may don’t have colours to attract at all, but they have the same structure which keeps them standing.

“Never lose hope,

always believe in your own….”

What it means to be friend?
April 28, 2020

What it means to be called a friend? – A person who is liked by us, who hangs with us, laughs with us or cries with us. We have the common phenomena to limit a friend to these few words only.
But can a friend be limited to only these? We by nature are very much selfish and intentionally or unintentionally think only about ourselves and make the decisions to benefit us the most. But, again not all of us are like this, among us there lies a person who thinks about others before us, if
that person can’t benefit us at the least he tries to refrain from doing any hurt to us. I am not talking about family because no matter what thinks, or how one behaves there is no replaceable for the family or family members.
Apart from family there are some people who comes in your lives, makes the best memories and after some time there are gone just like a hush! Is it expected? Some may say this is the usual thing to happen as we meet a lot of people in our daily activities. To me a friend is more than this and to
be more specific there are no specifications of a friend.
A friend can be someone who held your hand in the dark, a friend can be someone who relies on your shoulder at times of despair, a friend can be someone who wipes your tears, who keeps you warmth, a friend can be one who makes fun of you the most and there are tons of other things that can be said relating to who is a friend. Very often we hang with our close ones, we laugh, we even cry with them. We yell at them not because we are mad but because we are worried about what they might fell upon. We congratulate them on their happiness and at the same we shred out tears for untold things. We argue with our friends, we fight with our friends but at the end they are only our friends. To be a friend we don’t need to know for years. A person who has been with us for years may be well known to us but we can’t call him a friend, can we? We can’t use time as a benchmark to determine whether someone is our friend or not. At the same, age can’t be a benchmark either as we may find comfort around any person who may be elder or younger to us. A friend is someone whom we love and who loves us. We have the tendency to ignore our feelings towards our friend until the moment of departure arrives at our doorsteps. It is only foolish of ourselves as we often regret our feelings later when the time is too late. Well, as the proverb says, “It is better late than never”.

“ Dear friend, no matter where you are or how you are;
once a friend, always a friend……………….”

Congratulations! You have done a wonderful job
April 27, 2020

“Congratulations! You have done a wonderful job.” – When do we say it? When someone does something good or achieves something we congratulate them for their effort and their success. The most common situation is this, the person who is congratulating the other person both of them have a happy and smiling face. Is the smile a fake one or a real one we can’t differentiate, can we? To be honest, do we even try to think about it whether the persons are really happy or they are just putting a fake smile upon their face to fool the world and tell them, “Yeah, we are happy” But, who are they actually trying to fool? The world or they are just fooling themselves? Let’s put this part aside for the time being and come to the starting point of the article.
Shall we start again? “Congratulations! You have done a wonderful job?”
Every human being wants to achieve their personal goals. The goals need not to be all the same but certainly, these can be categorized into some criteria. Some have the goal to be successful, some have the goals to be rich, some of us want to be famous and there are many more branches that we want to reach out in our short span of life. Nonetheless, we put a tremendous effect on our belief and make the best use of the opportunities that are given to us. Once we have done so, we get a very common word from others, “Congratulations for your brilliant success” and the thing that we should be happy with this for the rest of our life. But, have we ever looked into the eyes of that particular person if he is happy or not? Have we ever tried to figure out what he has gone through all this time? The answer is NO, we haven’t. We just blindfold ourselves in this matter and simply concentrate on the fact relating to the other person. The person who is congratulating the other one, is he really happy by hearing the news? To maintain the most common social culture and out of our courtesy, we congratulate other keeping that fake smile upon our faces. Of course, most of the people don’t fall into this category but the majority of us have done it in our lives, haven’t we?
Why do we use this fake smile as a mask? The answer may be shocking once heard. There lies a common phenomenon in mankind and that is to be in good terms with the successful ones even when the person is not liked at all. This is done due to our selfish acts to attain our goals through
others in every possible way. And to attain this objective we fool ourselves with the fake smile and simply we say, “Congratulations! You have done a wonderful job.”