People change, their behaviour changes as well. Every now and then they have the common perception to change into something new, something more elaborated, different from the last one. We can easily do this as we have the opportunity to just leave our past deeds and move on.

How about the walls or the buildings?

Can they move on? No, they are built to stand there and be a part of several histories over the life span of the building. They bear the sorrows, witness the happiness and many more things that are closely related to the humans that have spent their lives in those particular buildings.

Sometime even the buildings get the privilege to be decorated and get a fresh start. Some get it done only to the half portion and waits to be completed the rest of the works. While some stand just like a skeleton and think that maybe someday, someday it will get to change its life as well. Saddest part is that, the day never comes to this particular skeleton and it never gets the smell of fresh paint on it either.

During this time, the building gets its own residents who enjoy and make their dreams in the building, making it a dream home but the building itself hardly realises it. All its focus goes on the different colours that are coated on the outer part of its neighbour.

We, humans are just like this in a sense. We always distract ourselves with the success of others and don’t even think about what we have in our life. We ignore the little parts, the small happiness for the bigger picture on daily basis. It’s not wrong to think of others but it’s wrong to ignore ourselves and make others out motive.

Walls and buildings may be different in colours, some may don’t have colours to attract at all, but they have the same structure which keeps them standing.

“Never lose hope,

always believe in your own….”

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