What do we normally do after eating snacks or drinking?

We have a common perception of leaving the packet on the table or on the ground. It doesn’t take much effort to put it in the dustbin. Still we just leave it there as it is. We hardly even think about the consequences that may occur due to such a behaviour of ours. It is just not the ones who are leaving their garbage behind but also the ones who are ignoring it. Very often we look at tables and think to ourselves, “Who has left behind these on the table?” and then we just totally ignore it like nothing happened at all.

After some moment we act like there is nothing left on the table or the ground and we laugh, we eat and lots of things but none of us thinks of taking it to the dustbin and put it where it should have been. People are talking about the various issues such as global warming, green-house effect and big staffs. But in the line we are forgetting about the small and little things like keeping our surroundings neat and clean.

This kind of scenario is common in almost everywhere. The schools, the colleges and even the university area are not free from such kind of acts. If we don’t be cautious about these then there is no effect on talking about the big shots. Because if are immune to the small things then how are we going to change the world itself?

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