What it means to be called a friend? – A person who is liked by us, who hangs with us, laughs with us or cries with us. We have the common phenomena to limit a friend to these few words only.
But can a friend be limited to only these? We by nature are very much selfish and intentionally or unintentionally think only about ourselves and make the decisions to benefit us the most. But, again not all of us are like this, among us there lies a person who thinks about others before us, if
that person can’t benefit us at the least he tries to refrain from doing any hurt to us. I am not talking about family because no matter what thinks, or how one behaves there is no replaceable for the family or family members.
Apart from family there are some people who comes in your lives, makes the best memories and after some time there are gone just like a hush! Is it expected? Some may say this is the usual thing to happen as we meet a lot of people in our daily activities. To me a friend is more than this and to
be more specific there are no specifications of a friend.
A friend can be someone who held your hand in the dark, a friend can be someone who relies on your shoulder at times of despair, a friend can be someone who wipes your tears, who keeps you warmth, a friend can be one who makes fun of you the most and there are tons of other things that can be said relating to who is a friend. Very often we hang with our close ones, we laugh, we even cry with them. We yell at them not because we are mad but because we are worried about what they might fell upon. We congratulate them on their happiness and at the same we shred out tears for untold things. We argue with our friends, we fight with our friends but at the end they are only our friends. To be a friend we don’t need to know for years. A person who has been with us for years may be well known to us but we can’t call him a friend, can we? We can’t use time as a benchmark to determine whether someone is our friend or not. At the same, age can’t be a benchmark either as we may find comfort around any person who may be elder or younger to us. A friend is someone whom we love and who loves us. We have the tendency to ignore our feelings towards our friend until the moment of departure arrives at our doorsteps. It is only foolish of ourselves as we often regret our feelings later when the time is too late. Well, as the proverb says, “It is better late than never”.

“ Dear friend, no matter where you are or how you are;
once a friend, always a friend……………….”

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